In the 70s, my family and I traveled the East Coast in a Prowler travel trailer. I remember how everything had it’s place securely inside, and how it became our home when we went on our family adventures. From those first days, I was hooked on recreation vehicles. I also remember the first time I registered my love for Airstreams. I was driving down the road and came up behind an aluminum beauty in all its gleaming glory. I said “I have to have an Airstream.” And so it began.

In 2014 I purchased a ’75 Airstream Trade Wind and began renovations. I did most of the work myself, with a few friends and family helping out. I’ve learned much! You can see some of the progression to the Garden Caravan on Instagram. And early work on Making the Garden Caravan, my tumblr.

The Garden Caravan is devoted to curating well-designed, well-loved, hand-crafted goods. Goods are sometimes literally green — plants, airplants, succulents; and metaphorically green — vintage, repurposed, small footprint.

First photo by Nine Mile Run Bike Tour and Block Party

Sharon West


I’m a designer. A lover of vintage. I’ve been a collector for a very long time, countless hours spent thrifting. I remember my first thrift purchase in college. It was a baby-poo green grandpa sweater with pearl buttons, long gone now. I curate goods that might resonate for a variety of reasons: good design, quirky, nostalgia. I spent many years in visual design, then web design. Finally, I decided I needed to create things people could touch and feel. Grounding things that connected people with the Earth. And that is how the planters began. When I can, I try to combine these two great loves: vintage and plants. My style is a mix of mid century modern, boho and anything earthy or with a natural feel. I grew up with a wood shop in my basement, so I have a particular interest in beautiful wood pieces. I hope you find something you love.